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Book reviews by: R. S. Leergaard

General reviews of books (old & new) that I like. I'm also an amateur writer with several stories up on Wattpad under the pseudonym R. S. Leergaard

Immortals' Requiem

Immortals' Requiem - Vincent Bobbe Immortals’ Requiem – Vincent Bobbe

I’m not all that sure ‘lively’ is a word normally applied to zombie stories, but in this case it’s accurate. This is definitely a lively tale combining the legends of zombies, vampires, the siddhe (Elves), and other fae creatures of myth and lore in new and interesting ways.

It might be a bit confusing for some at first—a lot of characters are introduced in short order and the timeline shifts from the ancient past in the prolog to the present in the main story—but that sorts itself out quickly. Also, I am not one of those folks. The timeline thing didn’t bother me, and I quite enjoy an epic(ish) tale with multiple characters and plot lines. This one did not fail to please.

Strangely spelled names aside, the characters and the plot line are well developed, and the descriptive passages are . . . well . . . descriptive. There’s a bit of dark humor woven in as well. Not quite the snarkiness of Jim Butcher or the weirdness of Terry Pratchett, but welcome humor nonetheless. It works.

I’m not going to attempt any character analysis here because there are so many. Suffice to say that while I’m not normally a fan of zombie/vampire/werewolf stories, Immortals’ Requiem captured my attention from the beginning and held it all the way to the conclusion.

This one is well worth the price of admission. 4.5 Stars