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Book reviews by: R. S. Leergaard

General reviews of books (old & new) that I like. I'm also an amateur writer with several stories up on Wattpad under the pseudonym R. S. Leergaard

The Weatherman

The Weatherman - Laurie Axinn Gienapp

Intentional or not, this turns out to be a cautionary tale about how easily public opinion can be manipulated. There is intrigue, suspense, danger, and maybe a little bit of fear at how this could become a real thing.


The characters are interesting and believable, as is the plot line and concept behind the tale. Weird as it sounds to say this, readers are taken on a fast and furious ride through the world of weather forecasting. Compelling enough that I read this in one sitting.


There needs to be a sequel. Soon.




ps: Not every story has to have raging hormones, ravening beasts, or overly heroic heroes. For certain Hollywood types who might be looking for something a little different, this could be it.