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Book reviews by: R. S. Leergaard

General reviews of books (old & new) that I like. I'm also an amateur writer with several stories up on Wattpad under the pseudonym R. S. Leergaard

Storm Front

Storm Front - Jim Butcher

Meet Harry Dresden. He's in the greater Chicagoland yellow pages . . . under Wizards. He doesn't do love potions, endless purses, parties, or other entertainment.


That's how Storm Front – Jim Butcher's first entry into the world of The Dresden Files begins. It's a world filled with supernatural beings like: vampires, zombies, other wizards and wardens (Beware of the White Council), demons, and many varied fae creatures from what the author [Butcher] calls the nevernever, including of course, faeries (but don't call them that).


One of Harry's few allies is Detective Lt. Karrin Murphy of Chicago's Special Investigations, whose squad is always tasked with the weird cases that no-one else can—or is even willing—to investigate. But Karrin Murphy has seen things, man. She believes in things that go bump in the night, and sometimes she hires Harry as a consultant.


Harry, however, has serious authority issues, and there are certain things he can't tell his friend and ally [Murphy] about—number one on that list being the existence of The White Council. Also, Harry is a wiseass with a very defined set of morals and a tendency to piss people off, including: a mobster boss [Gentleman Johnny Marcone]; his number one henchman [Hendricks]; a White Council Warden [Morgan]; Murphy—at one point—for keeping things from her; and an unknown and powerful wizard who is literally ripping people's hearts out with magic; a clear violation of the First Law of Magic.


Unfortunately, there are only a few people alive, much less in Chicago, who have the power to pull such powerful magic off, and Harry is one of them. Now, suspected, hampered and hindered by both the mortal police and a White Council Warden, Harry must find and stop this new and powerful wizard before he claims his next victim . . . Harry.


There's a lot to like in this debut novel of The Dresden Files: plenty of action, suspense and danger; Harry's snarky attitude, which provides much of the book's humor; and paranormal overtones that border on being believable. Mr. Butcher introduces a lot of characters and a detailed world in this first entry, and he paints them with a broad brush and a colorful palette.


It's well worth the price of admission.